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The Municipality of North Cypress-Langford is a rural municipality which borders the Town of Neepawa, The RM of Rosedale, and the Municipality of Glenella-Lansdowne to the north and goes all the way south bordering with the Municipality of Glenboro-South Cypress.  Bordering east with the Municipality of North Norfolk and the RM of Victoria,  and bordering west with the RM of Cornwallis, RM of Elton, and the RM of Minto-Odanah.

Total population for the area is 2,860 (as of 2021) with a land area of 1,762 square kms within 6 Wards.

The Municipality originally was known as RM of North Cypress and in 2015 amalgamated with the RM of Langford. 

The Municipality shares employees and buildings with the Town of Carberry which include: 122 Main St, Gingerbread house, Carberry Museum, Library, Drop In-Centre, Carberry Community Hall, Carberry Plains Community Center, Carberry Plains Cemetery and the Carberry Transfer Station. 

There are two transfer stations within the Municipality, one is located east of Carberry and the other located at Fairview which is just north of the TransCanada Highway on Road 84W, there is another drop off location located just north of Highway 16 on Road 86W located directly beside one of our three Municipal Shops.

The Municipality has over 130 utility accounts which are billed quarterly. However, the majority of the residents water source come from private wells as the properties are located over the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer.

The Municipality offers many services between 5 recreation districts including:  Brookdale/Oberon, Wellwood, Carberry, Edrans and Langford